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Article #32: NO on NO 1 on NOvember 7

With November 7 fast approaching, I thought I'd take this opportunity to make a pre-election plea. This upcoming election is perhaps the most important election of my lifetime. Please indulge me for a few minutes.

The Virginia senatorial election might just determine the course for our country for years to come. It could very well determine the balance of leadership. I BEG YOU TO VOTE.

Also on Virginia's ballot is the so-called "Marriage Amendment." It is Amendemnt #1 on the ballot. It directly affects my life. I have been very much involved in this effort to get out the vote. Please take a few minutes to read my letter to the editor of our local newspaper. It was in Tuesday's edition. It clearly and succinctly explains my position and how it directly affects me.

* * * * *


Date published: 10/31/2006

I know that I cannot marry the person I love. There are not one, not two, but three laws on the books in Virginia that have taken care of that. However, as a tax-paying, law-abiding citizen of Virginia, I do want to preserve my civil rights:

The so-called marriage amendment (ballot question 1) on Nov. 7 threatens to deny me my rights.

Please, please, please read the amendment in its entirety, especially the second paragraph. Then you will clearly understand how civil rights of all unmarried people, gay and straight, are being jeopardized.

Think about how you would feel if these civil rights were taken from you.

I have lived much of my life as a second-class citizen. I have felt inferiority and damnation with Virginia's past Jim Crow laws.

I can't believe that, in this day and age, once again Virginia wants to legislate additional discrimination.

I urge you to vote to keep discrimination out of our constitution. I urge you to vote "no" to ballot question No. 1.

Gaye Todd Adegbalola
Date published: 10/31/2006

* * * * *

So again, I BEG YOU TO VOTE:

IF YOU ARE A VIRGINIA VOTER, I urge you to vote NO on Amendment #1 . IF YOU ARE NOT A VIRGINIAN, BUT IF YOU KNOW VIRGINIA VOTERS, please send them a link to this article.

Please don't take your vote for granted. Too many people died to gain that right. We can and we must regain America's position of respect in this world. And, for ourselves, we must regain our hope.

Sincerely and urgently,