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Article #25: Taking Better Care ... The Quick And Easy Way

First of all, I want to say Happy New Year. On the heels of the world's worst tsunami, that sounds terribly trite, but I sincerely mean it.

Barrelhouse Bonni's saying continues to be my mantra:

"Pray for Peace
Work for Justice
Boogie for Survival!!"

Over the holidays, I watched several movies about music/musicians: "Ray;" "Standing in the Shadows" (about the Funk Brothers band at Motown); "Marvin Gaye Live at Montreaux;" and "Speaking in Strings" (about classical violinist Nadja Salerno-Soddenberg). All of them are MUST SEE! With each film I was further blown away.

They left me to ponder: "WHY DO I BOTHER TO DO WHAT I DO?" Why bother to sing when Ray and Marvin can REALLY sing? Why do I bother to write when Marvin can write "What's Going On" and "Mercy, Mercy Me" and "Let's Get It On"??? (And you can dance to them too.) Why bother to play when the Funk Brothers create the grooviest sound ever and Nadja, single-handedly, creates the most beautiful sound ever? Why bother to channel the muses when Nadja allows the muse to ride her to exhaustion?

I don't know. . . I really don't know. But instead of giving up, I decided that I would try to become a better me. I truly don't know that I can sing or write or play any better. But I think my vessel can become purer and I can channel the spirits better. I know I can take better care of my God given goodness.

I must focus on being a better being. So in 2005, do I make those annual resolutions?? Those resolutions that, by mid-February, are long forgotten? I thought long and hard about how I would proceed. Usually my resolutions are about the physical me -- ah-ha, vanity rears it's ugly head. Usually my resolutions are about diet and exercise. The diet part hasn't been too hard, but exercise is a killer -- exercise, with fibromyalgia, is a bitch.

LO!, as fate would have it, I was reading with CNN Headline News in the background. Some woman, whose name I didn't get, popped up on the screen to share QUICK AND EASY RESOLVES. She was talking directly to me. I could do/have been doing these things since. I feel better already and know that I can continue. So, dear friends, I must share these with you:


1. DRINK MORE WATER -- fill a big jug and finish it every day or finish several bottles a day. Helps remove toxins, clears skin, flushes your kidneys.

2. WHITEN YOUR TEETH -- don't needs lots of money, just Crest or some similar whitener for a week -- especially coffee and wine drinkers. The most precious part of your being, I feel, is your smile.

3. ADD 5 MINUTES OF EXERCISE TO YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINE -- if you presently exercise zero minutes, just add five. Start wherever you are and build. (I also got a pedometer and plan to increase my steps.)

4. TAKE DEEP BREATHS -- several times a day exhale deeply -- it will release tension; inhale deeply and you'll feel energy enter. Yep. . . sounds new agey, but try it. It works. I often say a prayer, too.

5. SPLURGE ON A GREAT HAIR CUT -- once the shape is just right, is yours, it's easy to maintain. If you know me, you know how I feel about hair. A really good hair cut makes me three inches taller! Not based on the illusion of my hair style, but my posture.

6. READ A BOOK RECOMMENDED BY A FRIEND -- keeps you connected to the world -- whether the bigger world or the world between you and a friend. Gives something special to share. Stretches your mind.

There tis. And, if you read last month's article, you'll note the contrast.

Trying to be positive,