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Article #14: I Ain't Gonna Wear No Burq'a

New Year's Resolution: I Ain't Gonna Wear No Burq'a

In December, I wrote about how I was unable to write. 9-1-1 clamped down like a ball and chain and I had severe writer's block. This was really hard for me because words and notes are my tools. How else was I to "do" something? After laboring long and hard, the song came. A song of protest. A song to fight back. A song which defined just one piece of the evil. An anthem, if you will, but not one of "amber waves of grain."

An in-your-face anthem. For women. For my sisters:

(Intro = slow and mournful)

The pain of 9-1-1
I see the wrong that's been done
Now we pay back with harm
Sometimes killing innocent people with bombs
Amid such evil I want to stand for peace
Will the oppression ever cease?
What can I do? What can I do?
I'm so confused
I got a choice, to raise my voice
And sing the blues. . . for my sisters
I'll sing the blues for my sisters

(Song = uptempo)

I'll speak for my sisters
Say it loud and say it clear (2x)
I'm free to raise my voice
Cuz my sisters live in fear


I ain't gonna wear, ain't gonna wear no burq'a
I ain't gonna wear, ain't gonna wear no burq'a
I ain't gonna wear, ain't gonna wear no burq'a
Burq'a is a cage and a caged bird's got to sing
She could die from a hot flash up inside that thing
Or try to feed the baby, baby can't find the tit
Looking from that mask, you know my sister can't see shit


Only women bleed, only women birth
Imprisoned in a cage, doing 24-7 work
So many women been robbed, chopped off at the clit
Stand up for our sisters, it's not the time to quit


You can pray to the north, south, east or west
Using God and religion, you know who they oppress
Cook, clean and wash, don't you dare think a single thought
C'mon women, rise up! Let 'em see what God hath wrought

1st verse: I'll speak for my sisters. . .


This song was debuted at the 12/9 Blue Mama Black Son show. Gaye
performed it with Resa Gibbs (from the Norfolk, VA, based blues band,
"Fever") on congas and background vocal. It is not a "nice" song and
probably won't be performed at Saffire shows in that it might offend
someone (e.g., clit and shit). But, it's not meant to be inoffensive.
Hopefully it will give voice to the voiceless and maybe, just maybe,
some will find the treatment of women more offensive than the words
herein. Hopefully it can rally our collective consciousness to action . . . if only via an anthem.

Peace be unto you and yours in the New Year,