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Article #11: Who You Calling TechnoDyke????

Not so long ago, if someone called me a "dyke," I would cringe with fear and shame. Nowadays, it is the front part, "techno," not the latter, that causes that reaction. Yep, I am a technophobe. If I get near anything technical, my hands start to shake and I break out in a cold sweat. I don't think I'm scared of the mental part. I know I'm smart enough to master--strike that--mistress any machine. I fear the emotional part--the commitment, the time required, the I-can't-function-without-you part, the attachment that goes with any new relationship. Sure this old dog can learn new tricks, but I don't really want to. At this age, I pick and choose my involvements without peer pressure. (Only took me 50+ years to learn that.) I pick and choose where to spend my time.

So, how did I get to be a technodyke given the previous diatribe? Someone reached out and touched me. Grabbed me by the heart and took me to technodyke land. Perhaps that's a bit dramatic, but here's how the story goes:
Saffire played a women's festival in Tampa, Florida, in March. At that fest, I met Nicole Blizzard, a writer for TechnoDyke.com. That site is "the gathering place for the web-savvy dyke!" Immediately, I felt at ease with Nicole and after a few minutes of conversation, she asked if she could interview me at a later date. A few phone calls and emails later, Nicole conducted the interview.

Most interviewers ask the same questions: How long has Saffire been together? How did you get your name? And if the interviewer dares to get deep, s/he might ask who my influences are? I was expecting this, but I was also expecting more, because Nicole and I seemed to share a kindred spirit. But never did I expect what I got. I got the most interesting and thorough questions I've ever been asked. It was clear she had done her homework and brought knowledge of me and of my music to the table. Yes, the questions were compelling and probing, but more importantly, Nicole was able to put me at ease, make me comfortable, and create a forum to allow me to answer openly and honestly.

Nicole asked and I honestly answered questions about my involvement in labor unions, the relationship of gays and lesbians in the black community, what I think of President Bush, the Civil Rights struggle, my relationship with my son, my struggle with cancer and fibromyalgia, etc., etc. And. . . the answers were transcribed CORRECTLY. That's really, really rare with interviewers.

Now I know it is presumptuous of me to think that you might care about my opinion on all of these things, but given the nature of the responses I received to the Ike Turner article, some of these answers might be highly thought provoking and. . . yours truly is ALWAYS READY TO STIR THE FUNK. Mind you now, this interview is rather long, but the site is so clearly (and beautifully) set up, that you can easily scroll to questions that might interest you.

Gaye @ TechnoDyke.com

I hope you take the time to check it out and, perhaps, check out the entire site. There's lots of wonderful information here.

From your technodyke blues woman,