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Also known as Miz A. and, to her hometown, as Gaye Todd -- hence, Hot Toddy Music ...

"The Griot" - Released January 4, 2019

The Griot

For Bookings

Gaye usually performs solo or duo and she can put together a full band. She is also in demand as a motivational speaker and workshop presenter — with topics such as “Civil Rights” and “Gay Rights.”

Contact Manegement@Adegbalola.com or call 540.538.7882

Gaye can also be booked from the AMERICAN MUSIC EDUCATORS (AME) roster — a group of professional musicians who speak about the craft of writing, recording and performing American music. Gaye loves to share her “Life in the Blues” with vivid stories and creative processes. AME are booked through The Tina Terry Agency.

Contact tina@tinaterryagency.com or call 336.255.7109.

Performing Solo

Gaye performing "Hungry Woman’s Blues” solo at a House Concert, February, 2019

Performing in Acoustic Duo

Gaye performing “Hungry Woman’s Blues: in duo, for a fuller sound, with John Freund at River City Blues Festival, spring, 2018

About Gaye

For many visitors to this site, no introduction is needed - Gaye has performed all over the world individually and as part of the group Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women (1984 - 2009 — with 9 CDs on Alligator Records). However, to briefly introduce Gaye, she is a mother, a Blues Music Award winner and a former Virginia State Teacher of the Year. She now sees herself as a contemporary griot* -- keeping the history alive, delivering messages of empowerment, ministering to the heartbroken, and finding joy in the mundane

Gaye stays busy performing, writing songs, and giving presentations and speeches. She has done several tours for the State Department and has produced CDs on her own label, Hot Toddy Music. She is especially proud that her children's CD, "Blues in All Flavors," released in 2012, received the Parents' Choice Gold Award for Music. “The Griot,” released in January, 2019, is her 6th recording on Hot Toddy Music. Though progress has been slow in the past few years, Gaye has renewed her dedication to work on her autobiography/memoir.

She has received numerous awards. To name a few, in March of 2018, Gaye was named one of the Virginia Women in History by the Library of Virginia. (Other inductees include Barbara Kingsolver and Rita Dove.) As part of this women’s history month celebration, there was a feature about Gaye on National Public Radio (NPR). In July, 2018, at the National Women’s Music Festival, Gaye received the Kristen Lims' “Social Change Through Music” Award — presented by the national Women in the Arts organization. In summer, 2019, she is honored as the “KoKo Taylor Queen of the Blues Award” for preserving traditional blues by the Jus’ Blues Music Foundation.

Gaye Adegbalola

If you want to get to know her better, here's how to get up close and personal:

- To find out who she is and what she's done, visit her bio page. Meet her family. See her hair change over the years.

- To hear what she sounds like and some songs she's written, visit her videos. Check out "Big Ovaries, Baby" (#7). Watch "The Bald Headed Blues (#14)"

- To learn her thoughts on life & love, visit her writings page. What does she think of Ike Turner (Article #10)? What are the lyrics of her original songs on "Is It Still Good to Ya?" (Writings & Lyrics)?

- To see how she teaches, check out more videos. Yes, songwriting can be taught (#8). Yes, performance can be taught (#9).

- To support & enjoy her, buy her CDs. All of her recordings have been critically acclaimed - visit reviews. Hear for yourself at shop. She can't live on social security alone.

- To really get up close and personal, contact her & book her, email: Management@Adegbalola.com or by phone: 540.538.788.

* Griot (gree-oh) = a member of western African societies whose function is to keep an oral history of the tribe or village and to entertain with stories, poems, songs, dances, etc.

Blues in All Flavors CD cover

Gaye's Children's CD "Blues in All Flavors" wins Parents' Choice Gold Award for Music

For many years, Gaye wanted to create music for children. When bullying events became highlighted in the news, that gave Gaye the impetus she needed. So it is that this CD addresses bullying, health issues, kindness, the environment, etc. -- topics important to children and . . . ALL "G" RATED.

Each song is written and performed in a different blues "flavor" or style. From Piedmont to Delta to Chicago-style, jump to doo-wop, funk to rock, Gaye introduces young listeners and allows them to have a taste of many delicious blues forms. The CD also includes a 16 page booklet of lyrics.

Watch the video for "Blues for the Greens," one of the songs on "Blues in All Flavors."

Video created by Bill Green

Visit the "Blues in All Flavors home page to listen to MP3 samples, download lyrics & guitar chords, download learning activities, and find a definition of each song's blues "flavor."