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Gaye Talks About Her Children's CD
Blue Mama Black Son "Blues Gone Black" CD now in stock!
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Gaye's Children's CD "BLUES IN ALL FLAVORS"

For many visitors to this site, no introduction is needed - Gaye has performed all over the world individually and as part of the group Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women. However, to briefly introduce Gaye, she is a mother, a Blues Music Award winner and a former Virginia State Teacher of the Year. She now sees herself as a contemporary griot* -- keeping the history alive, delivering messages of empowerment, ministering to the heartbroken, and finding joy in the mundane.

Gaye Adegbalola

If you want to get to know her better, here's how to get up close and personal:

- To find out who she is and what she's done, visit her bio page. Meet her family. See her hair change over the years.

- To hear what she sounds like and some songs she's written, visit her videos. Check out "Big Ovaries, Baby" (#7). Watch "The Bald Headed Blues (#14)"

- To learn her thoughts on life & love, visit her writings page. What does she think of Ike Turner (Article #10)? What are the lyrics of her original songs on "Gaye Without Shame" (Article #40)?

- To see how she teaches, check out more videos. Yes, songwriting can be taught (#8). Yes, performance can be taught (#9).

- To support & enjoy her, buy her CDs. All of her recordings have been critically acclaimed - visit reviews. Hear for yourself at shop. She can't live on social security alone.

- To really get up close and personal, contact her & book her - as a solo artist, duo, or MIz A & The Freedom Band. She's got so much mojo to give you.

Since Saffire ended in November of 2009 (after 25 years), Gaye and the other Saffire members continue to make music, but in different incarnations. Now, in early 2012, Gaye continues to perform, give presentations, and write songs. Her new children's CD, "Blues in All Flavors" will be released spring 2012. She plans to write her life stories in anecdotal form and to publish a songbook of dozens of her originals. In 2011, Gaye was blessed in that a 360ยบ love found her again.

* Griot (gree-oh) = a member of a hereditary caste among the peoples of western Africa whose function is to keep an oral history of the tribe or village and to entertain with stories, poems, songs, dances, etc.

Though not blues, the song you have been listening to is one of Gaye's favorites, "Let It Be Me." This is from her "Gaye Without Shame" CD and is performed with Cleome (www.myspace.com/cleomesmusic).

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Gaye Talks About Her Children's CD

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Gaye's Children's Blues CD "Blues in All Flavors"

Blues in All Flavors CD cover, front and back

For many years, Gaye has been wanting to create music for children. When bullying events became highlighted in the news, that gave Gaye the impetus she needed. So it is that this CD addresses bullying, health issues, kindness, the environment, etc. -- topics important to children and . . . ALL "G" RATED.

Each song is written and performed in a different blues "flavor" or style. From Piedmont to Delta to Chicago-style, jump to doo-wop, funk to rock, Gaye introduces young listeners and allows them to have a taste of many delicious blues forms. The CD also includes a 16 page booklet of lyrics.

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